As I age, the world feels smaller. People are everywhere, and I know the names of more of them with each passing day.
Yet as I age, I feel more and more disconnected from them. I work, I come home, I spend time with my family, and I go to bed.
There’s no time for much else, yet I feel a certain hollowness inside me that I’m not exploring other social connections.

There was a year I prioritized social interactions, but in that time I was too disconnected from my family, and they suffered, and I experienced a different type of hollowness.

I wish there was enough time in my life that I could fill up on family time and have time for deep meaningful social interactions.
There’s no happy medium, and I feel half empty either way.

I walk by people, and want to meet them, and get to know them, but I don’t bother, I have no time, yet the desire never goes away.

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