A Slippery Slope For Sarah

We were able to maintain 100% seizure control after reducing Sarah’s meds by 50% by using the Ketogenic diet.

We maintained this new regimen for about six months.

Then we got a new neurologist.

The new neuro is pushing us to go farther and wants us to remove Topamax completely.

We’ve been slowly titrating over the last month, and Sarah’s seizures have come back.

The neurologist wants us to persist and see how bad she is with no Topamax at all.

Then at the bottom she wants to introduce a replacement for Topamax. Apparently Topamax is really destructive to the human brain.

Unfortunately, Topamax is ineffective when re-introduced, so there’s no going back, it’s a downhill slide from here.

So that’s where we are. Back in seizure hell, but going through it at the insistence of her new neurologist.

So if I seem a little more sad or stressed lately, it’s because Sarah has gone from a year with no seizures to full grand mals almost daily now.

April is remaining close to her during the day.

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