HTML5, NodeJS, WebGL, CSS Animations – Oh My!

All things I didn’t learn at the HTML5 Developer Conference 2011 in San Francisco.

The conference was unfortunately a bust. The venue was not large enough for the number of attendees and most sessions were full so you couldn’t get in the room. The sessions I ended up going to were mostly sales pitches from companies who have products to push.

I think I’m done with conferences for awhile, I’ve never learned anything from a conference anyway. The networking is valuable if you have time.

What I did learn this trip is:

  1. Ignore the long legs in the skirt and continue on to Indian, (see my previous post).
  2. Take advantage of the time alone in your room to write some code in a new technology.
    • Being disillusioned with the conference I was determined to learn Node on my own, so I read some long articles, booted up the Git, and grabbed me some node. After about a 10 minute compile I was up and running in vi writing my own little NodeJS programs.
  3. vi
  4. NodeJS

And work wanted me to write a blog post, so this covers that requirement too.

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