Windows 7 – Less annoying than Vista

When Windows Vista launched, I drove with much excitement to my local Fry’s Electronics, and purchased a copy. I think it set me back about $300, and that was just for an upgrade edition.

I began the upgrade process by fdisking and wiping my current XP install. I assumed that like previous OS installs, the upgrade process would ask me for my XP key or disc. I was wrong and I wasn’t able to install Vista, the installer wanted XP to already exist on the disk. So I had to reinstall XP from scratch just to get Vista installed, OMG what a waste of my night, Fuck You microsoft. Days later articles would appear on the Internet with instructions for how to run the upgrade without having to have XP installed, but it was too little too late for me, it was launch night, and I was finally done. The upgrade didn’t change my OS, it just installed alongside it, so now upon booting I had to select XP or Vista, what a pain in the ass.

Unfortunately the OS was a total let down. It didn’t support my NVIDIA Geforce 8800 GTX, it didn’t support my Creative Labs Sound Blaster Audigy, and it didn’t support my HP Laser Jet printer. I was stuck running Vista at 800×600 with no sound. Since it didn’t get along with my (very common) video card, i was getting about 10 frames per second in all my video games, whereas in XP I was getting 120. Ignoring all the vide0 game issues, (which is tough because that’s all I do now days), the OS in general was sluggish. Copying large files from my local disk to the NAS would hang Vista and I’d have to hard reboot.

Vista was half baked, it was a preemie with underdeveloped organs. Long story short, I stuck with that OS for 4 months, waiting, hoping Microsoft and/or my peripheral manufactures would release updates to address the issues. My hopes never paid off and after 4 long months in computer hell I said goodbye to Vista and I went back to XP. I wanted it to work so badly, I really did. I was mostly upset, I had just spent a lot of money to have microsoft neuter my computer so it barely worked. I would forever hate Vista, and I would evangelize against Vista for the rest of my life.

Along Comes 7

Windows 7 came out mainly as a response to address Windows Vista. Instead of having to wait years for an new OS, microsoft is releasing Win 7 betas while Vista is still under service pack development. I was happy to hear early reports of Win7 being a fixed version of Vista without all the useless feature bloat.

So let’s just pretend that entire Vista thing never happened. Flash forward to this weekend, and I’m installing Win 7. I’m hoping on top of prior hope that Win7 will be the OS I want. What I want can be described as something newer than XP that performs at least as well and hopefully better and supports all my hardware.

I am happy to report that Win7 rocks. not only did it detect and install all my devices in one round, they all work and they work just as good as they did in XP. Win7 even found my network printer, which XP was never able to locate. Game performance is equivalent, and I can copy hundreds of gigs of data back and forth between my PC and my NAS and the OS never hiccups.

To summarize, Win7 works, and it works well. It’s much slimmer and faster than Vista. Go get it.

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