Back From GDC

I’m back from GDC, and it was awesome. I sat through some great sessions and participated in some great round tables.

The Blizzard party was a real treat, thank you Ryan for the invite. Getting to talk to Pat about old school quests and Morgan about the Ulduar encounter design was very cool.

The GameSpy party was also awesome and it was great to mingle with some of our clients. I had a blast after the party visiting some of the very cool pubs around the city. I’d never been to downtown San Francisco before and I really enjoyed it.

I didn’t have a “camera” with me on the trip, so all I have in the way of photos are pics I took with my iPhone. Most of those pics are of the inside of my hotel room or people drinking. I will spare you the pics of the blurry drunkards and elite hotel accommodations and leave you with pics I created via my scanner. Thank you Sony for the awesome Little Big Planet magnets.

Little Big GDC

That’s right, a Blizzard wrist band from the Blizzard party.

Duke Nukem 4Never

A few ladies on the street were handing these Duke Nukem leaflets out. I had to LOL.

The Intercontinental San Francisco Hotel

The Hotel, very nice, thank you GameSpy

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